Browndog and the Baby
Browndog became Sally's companion as soon as she showed an interest in toys. He is sweet and cuddly soft. Sally loved having him as a little pillow, as a friend to hold onto in her playpen an during naptime. He is a comfort in times of stress and a pleasure to play with each day. Browndog just could be magical.
Pets, Toys, Manners & Street Smarts Browndog
Browndog grows up with Sally and Bub, the little boy who lives across the street who was born on the same day. Browndog helps Sally and Bub learn about being gentle with pets and careful with toys. He also helps them learn about saying "please" and "thank you" and not to cross the street without Mommy or Daddy.
Kind, Healthy and Honest Browndog
Browndog is a good influence on Sally and Bub because he is sweet-natured, believes "honesty is the best policy" and that Sally and Bub should take baths and brush their teeth! Browndog believes in sharing and making friends-Browndog is kind to everyone.
Browndog Adventures
Browndog loves backyard adventures, car trips, learning about computers and making new friends. Browndog loves a good mystery.
Project Browndog
With a little help from Aunt Rosie Browndog loves creative projects such as coloring pictures, making valentines, paper hats and lemonade stands!
Chef Browndog
Browndog whips up all sorts of yummy food in the kitchen using Aunt Rose's recipes!
Browndog Visits Family and Friends
Browndog loves sweets and loves putting his sweater on to go visit Grandma and Grandpa. Grandma made his sweater and always makes him new collars. He takes a trip with Stinky Skunk on an airplane. He is a very social doggie and a devoted, loyal friend.
Browndog can be relied upon to make the right decision-
it's his journey we take.
BD's friends
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